the world is a dangerous place to live
some people dream of success
I have a dream
opportunities dont happen you create them
mt everest
enjoy your own life
do something today that your future self will thank you for
do some work
courage is resistance to fear
beware of false knowledge
be the type of person you want to meet
every accomplishment starts with a decision to try
dont kill the dream execute it
the best dreams happen when youre awake
don't procrastinate
don't be a pussy
when it rains
success is a journey
this storm will pass
small fish
no where now here
get shit done
no challenge too great
if not now when
go ahead and never look back
be kind whenever possible
work hard dream big
you still have time
live like you were dying
like a boss
life gets better
define yourself
could not fial
confined by walls
a strong man makes his own future
dont fear failure - bruce lee quote
positive thinking